Markus & Jordyn


Although I mostly shoot artistic nudes and nude in nature, I also shoot genres including fashion, swimwear & lingerie, as well as more explicit work like this couples shoot with Markus and Jordyn.

If you are a model and are interested in working with me, it’s important to know that I never ask or push for any model to do anything that they are not comfortable with. When a shoot is arranged, I discuss the theme and level of nudity and explicit content (if any) with the model(s) and if it is implied, then it stays implied. If it is topless, it stays that way.

I do enjoy shooting more explicit work, and while a lot of photographers either shy away from it, or tend to be either a ‘non-explicit’ photographer, or one that is known as shooting explicit content, I believe you can do both, and I want to normalize sex work and explicit content as something that should not be shameful or hidden.

I respect that some models choose not to shoot explicit nudity and sexual content, and also respect those that do.

I have shot with Markus and Jordyn more than once, and I love shooting with them. They interact in a natural way, and I let them do what feels right, with little direction and posing. Their photos and videos are the real thing. They are not acting. They are really engaging in natural and often explicit sexual ways, and I am the voyeur capturing their raw passion and intimate expression.

In this set, Markus was ready to take off his jeans and fuck Jordyn right there, but I wanted a more CMNF vibe, so asked him literally to keep his pants on!

Jordyn is a living doll, with her tight slim body, gorgeous hair and nice perky tits. Jordyn starts off completely nude and takes the lead, putting her hand on Markus’ quickly hardening cock, restrained by his jeans. Jordyn then sits on Markus’ lap and Markus enjoys exploring her perfect teen body starting by sucking on her beautiful tits, then moving slowly down to rub her swelling clitoris, much to her delight.

Jordyn sucks on Markus’ thumb in the most erotic way. If she can’t suck his cock this time, his thumb will have to do.

They seal the set with passionate kissing, and are ready to take things to the next level.


Markus & Jordyn have no social media at the moment, as they are so fucking hot, it keeps getting deleted.


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1 thought on “Markus & Jordyn

  1. ElAlber says:

    A very subtle way of translating the passionate love between two people into an image.
    I love the light, the poses and the point of view of the shots.


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