Barn Dance


My photo shoots are often unlike a lot of model shoots, where the photographer directs the model to pose, or move positions for the shots. I love to let my models have free rein to do what they feel, and to experiment with movement, emotion and artistic expression.

In this shoot with beautiful California girl Amber, (being published here for the first time) she chose an elegant simple black dress, and the setting was inside the large barn at Cummings Farm in Durham, Ontario.

I let Amber fully express her artistic self, with me being a silent voyeur, capturing her elegance, beauty and emotion.

Sitting on an old trunk, she casually let the dress slip off her shoulder, exposing one perfect round breast, then pulling the top of the dress down, revealing incredible emotion in her body language and her facial expressions.

Her eyes alone conveyed a multitude of emotions, and her gorgeous nipples quickly became hard and erect in the cool fall air.

Amber then began to fully embrace the moment, dancing topless before me, her body twisting and turning, and her dress, now a skirt, flowing outwards as she spun around in blissful expression of unfettered movement, freedom, joy, and raw sexuality.

This is exactly the kind of artistic expression that I love to capture and share.


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