Experienced professional photographer located in Toronto, Ontario.


I work with first time models with no experience, to professional Playboy models. As a lover of music, poetry and visual art, I like to create images that are visual representations of lyrics, poetry or visual beauty in the feminine form, and I will often weave a story along with an image, with the idea of creating both a visual and a cerebral experience that will hopefully stimulate both your senses and thoughts.

My photos range from artistic and implied nude to topless, nude in nature and erotic photography.

Why ‘Glass Houses’?

I got my inspiration from the idea that my images are intended to be seen as if you are looking into the bedroom, or living room of a house made completely of glass, seeing everything as a kind of observer or voyeur. I like my photos to be more natural than posed, exploring natural beauty rather than having models with a lot of makeup.

I believe that the human body is beautiful and should not be something to hide or be shameful about, rather it should be celebrated, shared and enjoyed.

Although a lot of my models are young, it is important to note that all nude photos that I publish were taken when the model was at least 18 years old, and I have no tolerance for intimidation, coercion, or predatory behavior on or off the set.

All models are welcome to bring an escort to their shoot.

This quote sums up the ‘Glass Houses’ idea well:

“I often felt we lived in a lighted house of glass, and that any moment some thin-lipped parchment face would peer through a carelessly unshaded window to obtain a free glimpse of things that the most jaded voyeur would have paid a small fortune to watch.”

― Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita

If you are interested in shooting with me, please review the following FAQ’s:

Q: What are your rates?

My rates are from $150 to $300 per hour. I no longer shoot TFP or paid to model shoots. Contact me for details about your specific situation. Please note that all shoots require a prepaid booking fee of $100 unless booked through an agency, or if you provide at least two references from photographers that you have worked with.

Q: Why do you charge a booking fee?

The booking fee of $100 is to confirm and reserve your time and day, and studio space. It is refunded on the day of the shoot unless a model is a no-show, in which case the booking fee is not refunded.

Q: Do I need experience modeling?

Not at all. I often photograph models who are just starting out.

Q: Do you only shoot nudes?

No. Although a lot of my work is glamour and nude photography, I also shoot lifestyle, fashion and artistic non-nudes.

Q: Do you shoot couples?


Q: Where do you shoot?

I am based in Toronto, Ontario and normally shoot in the Greater Toronto area. Studio or outdoor shoots can be booked in the GTA.

Q: Do you have references?

Please see my client reviews here….

Do you have any other questions?
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