I am an experienced photographer who has been taking photographs for over 40 years. My specialty is artistic, glamour, nude and erotic photography.

My work ranges from first time models with no experience, to professional Playboy models. As a lover of music, poetry and visual art, I like to create images that are visual representations of lyrics, poetry or visual beauty in the feminine form.

I love to shoot natural young girls posing for the first time, capturing that once in a lifetime moment that is so beautiful and magical and can never be repeated.

My photos range from artistic and implied nude to topless, nude in nature and erotic photography.

I believe that the human body is beautiful and should not be something to hide or be shameful about, rather it should be celebrated, shared and enjoyed.

I prefer photos that are unique, light-hearted, and artistic, and I like to use the camera as a hidden observer of reality, rather than images that appear more posed.

GlassHousesPLUS is where I post some of my favorite images – both my own original work and others that inspire my work as an artistic nude photographer.

Here you can find images that cannot be posted uncensored on Instagram, as well as some unpublished and behind the scenes photos and stories.

I hope you enjoy the photos and please leave your comments!


Please note that content contains nudity and explicit images.

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